If you are not ready for advanced, laser or chemical based treatments, why not try a Skin Bar Signature Treatment, bridging the gap between spa facials and aesthetic treatments?

These non-invasive facial exercises, workouts and toning methods are performed at our Skin Bar and are designed to give you immediate results with a hands-on approach.

Our Skin Bar Treatment Menu

Aqua Glow Treatment

£80, 1 hour

Hydro-dermabrasion is a non-invasive technique for deep skin cleaning. It deeply detoxifies the skin and removes much of the daily build-up of pollutants by dispersing water at a velocity of up to 200m/second.

A blast of Detox Water can be combined with a Vitamin Shot to suit your skins needs, leaving it visibly more nourished, super-hydrated and radiant looking. The Aqua Glow sends high speed jets of saline solution onto the skin to super-exfoliate the top four layers, achieve a deep cleanse of the pores and stimulate micro-circulation. Vitamins are then applied which penetrate deeply into the lower layers of the skin delivering visibly more nourished, super-hydrated, radiant-looking skin.

Skin Bar Signature Treatment

£27, 30 minutes / £55, 1 hour

Your Weekly Must Have! A thorough cleanse using the famous Foreo device, stimulating and toning facial massage incorporating the very best of Rebecca Jade’s products and hand-held devices.

Skin Bar Platinum Treatment

£120, 1 hour 15 minutes

The Perfect Prep! As well as incorporating all aspects of our Signature Treatment, our Platinum also includes elements from our Aqua Glow Treatment and our CooLifting device, leaving the skin radiant, toned and occasion ready.

For Your Eyes Only

£55, 45 minutes

Are your eyes feeling heavy, tired or tight? This treatment will address all of these concerns and incorporates CACI’s gel eye mask with a soothing and calming action that works wonders on tired and puffy eyes. The Foreo Eye Massage device is also used during this treatment to maximise results.

Steam & Extract

£25, 30 minutes

Clogged and congested pores without the time for a full facial? Our Steam & Extract treatment will directly address those pesky blackheads and clogged pores, leaving the skin clearer and smoother.

Skin Bar Treatment Add-Ons

  • Advanced Exfoliation with Aqua Glow - £15

  • Vitamin Infusion with Aqua Glow - £25
    An instant, dual action skin boosting treatment that delivers medical grade vitamins with rejuvenating ingredients at super speed to reveal clean, hydrated, revitalised skin.

  • Hand Scrub and Collagen Gloves Treatment - £20

  • CooLifting Gun - £55

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