CooLifting for Smoother, Firmer, Younger-Looking skin.

The CooLifting gun applies a stream of carbon dioxide to the skin, along with a high concentration of atomized active ingredients at a high pressure and low temperature. The result is a simple, effective, non-invasive and fast treatment to hydrate and smooth the skin, eliminate superficial wrinkles, reduce deep ones and rejuvenate the whole skin. Hyaluronic acid as supplied to the skin to improve hydration and contribute to the effect. Most people notice a difference after just one treatment, but a course of treatments is recommended for the best results.

The effects are maintained for a while after treatment has finished due to the stimulation effect on collagen metabolism.

Treatment is fast, pain-free and will not result in any redness of the skin.

There aren't any fixed contraindications, and there are no side-effects. It is appropriate for every skin type and age!


  • Coolifting Treatments

    £55 - £80

    30 minute treatment £80
    Add-on to another facial treatment £55 extra

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