LED Light Therapy is a soothing, pain-free treatment using particular colours of light for their beneficial effects on the skin. The LED light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and can be used to accelerate wound healing, reduce break-outs, stimulate collagen production, even out skin tones, and much more. This treatment can be used alone, or in combination with other facial treatments to achieve particular effects.

We recommend adding the LED Light Therapy at the end of our Image Skin Peels, Environ Facials and DermaPen treatments.

Natural sunlight is composed of light of lots of different wavelengths. When these are separated out we see the colours of the rainbow. Sunlight has other wavelengths, such as ultra-violet and infra-red. Although we do not see them, these wavelengths have other effects on us, some are good and some are not. LED lights are different because they can be made with a very narrow wavelength band, ie just one colour. The beneficial effects of particular colours of light can then safely be utilised in Lumineo LED Light Therapy. For instance blue light has anti-bacterial properties and is great for treating break-outs and acne. Red light has a stimulatory effect on collagen and so helps with the appearance of scars, wrinkles and ageing skin concerns.

Lumineo LED Light Therapy takes only a short while to have and there is no down-time afterwards. Your skin can have more of a bright, clear and glowing appearance following one session, although these treatments are recommended in courses. It is a great treatment to fit in during a lunch break, or to combine with other treatments.


  • Lumineo LED Light Therapy

    £35 - £250

    Single 30 minute treatment £50
    Single 30 minute treatment (Add-On) £35 extra
    Course of 6 stand-alone treatments Saving You £50 £250
    Course of 6 add-on treatments Saving You £35 £175

Anti-Ageing Treatment

LED Light Therapy is a perfect anti-ageing treatment that keeps the skin looking soft and smooth. The LED light has a wavelength that penetrates the skin which in turn stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. These two elements significantly improve the health of the skin and help to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of ageing. This LED Light Therapy for skin improves the general look of the skin and gets rid of those lines that make the skin look worn out and old.

Skin Strengthening Treatment

Collagen is an essential element in the overall health of the skin because it makes the skin resilient and strong. By stimulating the production of collagen in the face and body, LED Light Therapy increases these features of the skin. This will make the skin more resistant to infections and many other conditions including broken or weak capillaries, redness of the skin and wrinkles.

Anti-Inflammation Treatment

LED Light Therapy for skin helps to reduce inflammation within the tissues of the skin which is vital in enhancing the healing process. This anti-inflammatory effect is beneficial for repairing sun damage, fading scars, healing blemishes, and the overall improvement of the skin tone.

Other benefits of LED Light Therapy

  • Helps the skin to retain moisture effectively
  • Kills bacteria that may cause harm to the skin and therefore eliminates the risk of the skin developing various conditions and infections
  • Improves the skin's complexion

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