Skin Tightening using the 3D Lipo Radio Frequency system is a method of achieving a skin tightening effect through the application of specially generated radio waves to the surface tissues. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive skin repair procedure where the effect particularly targets the tissues just below the surface of the skin.

Normally in young and healthy skin, there are numerous tiny fibres of collagen and elastin which help to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the supporting tissues beneath the epidermis. As time goes by and for various possible reasons, this effect is reduced. 3D Lipo Radio Frequency stimulates the production of the vital supportive elements beneath the skin, resulting in a regenerative effect, reversing some of the signs of ageing. It is a skin care treatment particularly suitable for certain areas of the body and face, for particular conditions.

Depending on your concern, our expert skin specialists will be able to advise in the best course of treatments to achieve the best results for you.


  • 3D Lipo Treatments On The Face

    £105 - £525

    Single treatment £105
    Course of 6 treatments Saving You £105 £525
  • 3D Lipo Treatments On The Body

    £150 - £1,050

    Single treatment £150
    Course of 8 treatments Saving You £150 £1,050

For more information on body treatments with 3D Lipo please click here.

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