3D Lipo and Looking Slimmer

According to surveys published in the media, about half of all adults in the UK think that they should lose some weight. Of these people, about two-thirds are on some sort of a diet "most of the time". Clearly weight loss is both desirable and difficult to achieve for many of us. Here at Rebecca Jade Beauty & Aesthetics, we offer an effective way to lose some of that excess flab in a quicker and easier way. Our 3D-Lipo technology can be used to help remove that fat which stubbornly accumulates in those places we are most conscious of. For the appropriate types of fatty accumulation, this system "dissolves" the fat without the need for surgery or a strict diet. 3-D Lipo is particularly effective for the loose accumulations of fat which can build up under the skin over the abdomen or other locations. It is not effective for fat within the abdomen itself, or deep beneath any other tissues, so a consultation with a qualified therapist is always the first step before any treatment can be offered. It is also worth remembering that 3-D Lipo is a great kick-start to looking slimmer, but even this technology is best combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise. At Rebecca Jade we find that this is an affective way of beginning the process of looking slimmer and can provide the impetus to go on and lose some excess weight overall.

The reason it is called 3D-Lipo is because of the three effects which can be achieved by the procedure; fat removal, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. (Lipo is short for "lipolysis", meaning literally fat "splitting" or breaking down.)

3D-Lipo works by using ultra-sound, high radio frequencies and the selective application of extreme cold to break up fat cells. Their contents are then drained away and disposed of by the body. This is a much safer alternative to liposuction, which involves passing a canula through the skin and then using suction to drain the fat away. 3D-Lipo however is non-surgical, safer and the system of choice for many people. To find out more about the different aspects of treatment, and whether or not you are suitable for this procedure, it is important to book a consultation with a qualified therapist first. Give us a ring and we will arrange this for you.

In order to maintain the results of 3D-Lipo and ideally add to them, we recommend that a healthy diet and regular exercise are still important parts of the equation.

About Rebecca Jade

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