4 Skin care Tips You Need This Spring

You might remember us talking about transitioning your skin care routine in our summer to autumn Blog Post, but here we are again talking seasonal skin care and why we need to allow our skin time to adjust to the ever-changing weather.

Although the British weather right now is telling us something different, spring and summer are approaching, which means the time will come where heavy moisturisers and rich creams just aren’t what your skin needs anymore.

Just like switching a knitted jumper for a cooler sweatshirt, you need to adjust your skin care products and routine to suit your skin and how it adapts to the weather changes. However, there are some fundamental elements to our regimes that also need to stay the same. Here’s our spring skin care break down and our latest top tips on how to get prepared for the sunnier days! Now let’s just hope the UK doesn’t let us down…

1. Switch heavier creams for light-weight moisturisers

During the winter, our skin fights a hard battle not only against the elements, but factors such as central heating or textured clothing (think your nans itchy scarf she knitted for you circa 2007). Its constantly having to regulate itself and attempt to stay hydrated as we venture between our houses with every radiator on full, and the harsh winds outside. So as we ditch the layers and slowly (very slowly) turn down the temps, our skin needs to adjust too. The winter requires a lot of hydration for your skin, which can take its form through heavy creams, multiple applications of moisturiser or upping your night-time oils to multiple times a week. As spring approaches, try using more light-weight formulas to allow your skin time to breathe.

Look for products that are thinner in texture and provide a refreshing feel on the skin. In terms of texture, gels are great for replenishing your skin, yet they protect it against damaging external factors. We love the Environ Intensive Colostrum Gel, due to its serum texture that protects and soothes sensitive skin, whilst offering a glowy look!

glowing skin

2. Hydration is key – mist me up!

Whilst hydration is a must all year round, the spring and summer months call for added moisture, but this time not because of the cold. As the sun begins to peak through, UV rays are more damaging than ever.

Did you know that UV rays penetrate windows and glass and can still damage your skin on a cloudy day? For more info on UV rays and how to protect your skin, read our SPF Blog post here, but for now we recommend hydrating your skin throughout the day with facial mists and hydrating sprays. Keeping your skin hydrated in this way will help to build its external barrier, keeping sensitive skin calm and soothed. But, you know the drill – the best way to protect your skin against all damage is SPF!

We love the Jane Iredale Hydrating spray, available in 4 different botanical aromas.

glowing skin

3. Invest in hydrating treatments

In order for your skin care products to be as effective as possible, your skin needs to be looked after properly. We’re not just talking a sheet mask here and there (although for hydration purposes we won’t say no), we’re talking investing in appropriate skin treatments. Prepare your skin for the new season and create the best skin base for your products.

If your skin has been breaking out (also common during a seasonal change) then trying a Chemical Peel will help to alleviate aggravated skin problems such as acne, congested skin or pigmentation. Our Image Skincare Peels allow us to infuse enzymatic botanical ingredients into your skin, regenerating the skin cells leaving your skin clear, smooth, hydrated and refreshed. We also have non-chemical peels for a more gentle, soothing treatment – incredible for sensitive skin that needs some much-needed loving!

4. Wear lightweight makeup

This is such a simple tip that can so easily be overlooked! If you can, we suggest holding back on applying a full face of makeup unless necessary. You could even try going make-up free for a few days and allow your skin to breathe whilst you’re on your daily walk.

Alternatively, swap heavier, full coverage foundations for lightweight tinted moisturisers. This way, oxygen will be able to access your skin easily and any sweat or oil produced due to the weather won’t get blocked in your pores either.

We recommend the Image Tinted Moisturiser, which is also SPF 30! Big bonus points.

Although skin care products can be a little expensive, this is where we recommend investing. Your face is on show every single day and where we begin to show signs of ageing first, so we need to look after it.

If you’re unsure on which products you should be using or which treatments will be most beneficial for your skin concerns, you can have a consultation with one of our expert beauty therapists. Or, book in for an Opatra Skin Analysis, where our high-tech imaging system analyses your skin for its main concerns, providing feedback on which tailor made treatments you need.

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