Get Your Body Beach Ready

It's finally summertime – but are you ready to hit the beach or pool? Here at Rebecca Jade Beauty & Aesthetics salon, we offer a variety of effective body treatments to help you feel gorgeous before, during and after your holiday.

Waxing is perfect for summer beach holidays

Waxing is the number one method for removing unwanted face and body hair, so is perfect for summer holidays.

Our waxing specialist Roxy explains “When conducted by a professional therapist, waxing is quick, easy and effective. Waxing pulls the hair follicle directly from the root ensuring a clean and touchably smooth finish.”

Worried about pain? Don't stress. We use only the very best wax on the market - Lycon Wax, favoured by top salons all over the world and effective in painlessly removing hair as short as 1mm.

All of our therapists are highly trained in precision waxing techniques and adhere to the strictest hygiene standards. They also strive to provide a relaxing and re-assuring environment during all waxing treatments.

Here are Roxy's top tips to help make your sessions easier…

Our Top Waxing Tips:

  • Exfoliate and moisturise in-between treatments to help eliminate ingrown hairs.
  • Do not shave in-between waxing sessions as this makes waxing harder and more painful.
  • Schedule regular appointments as this leads to finer, slower hair growth which is easier to remove and less painful.
  • Showers are better than baths and keep that water lukewarm water rather than hot.
  • If you can, avoid waxing during your period as skin becomes more sensitive around this time and can make waxing more uncomfortable than normal.

Let us take care of anything unsightly so you can focus on packing your bags and planning your outfits.

Waxing Tips

Exfoliation is essential for a beautiful even tan

Exfoliation is essential pre-tanning prep, as it cleanses pores and removes dead skin to ensure an even base for your sun or spray tan.

If you're planning on kicking back on a sun lounger this year, we recommend booking yourself in for our rejuvenating Full Body Scrub. This luxurious pampering treatment sloughs away tired, flaky skin and includes an express moisture massage, leaving your body beautifully smooth and primed to perfection.

Start your holiday with a gorgeous glow

Feel your skin is too pasty for a bikini right now? You're not alone. We all feel self conscious in our swimwear during those first few days on holiday. Try a spray tan and give yourself a confidence boost and natural-looking glow.

We offer full and half body St. Tropez spray tans. This popular brand gives a natural-looking, streak-free and fast-drying flawless tan, ensuring you look gorgeous from the moment you step off the plane.

Environ Hydraboost Facial for radiant skin

It's not just your body which needs a polish pre-holiday. Our complexions suffer too, from temperature changes, cosmetic build up and pollution. Show your face some TLC before your exotic escape to ensure it's in optimal condition for those all important holiday snaps.

Our facial expert Anastasia tells us why the Environ Hydraboost Facial is so impressive, “Our amazing Environ Hydraboost Facial delivers exceptional hydrating results and is suitable for all skin types. Packed with nourishing anti-aging ingredients including fresh, active vitamins A and C plus anti-oxidants, this powerful formula is driven deep in to the lower layers of the skin via sound waves and small electrical pulses.

“The result? A major boost in collagen which softens fine lines, improves skin elasticity and increases hydration. I guarantee after this treatment your face will feel radiant, renewed and ready to catch some rays.”

This Environ facial is ideal post-holiday too for reducing age spots and pigmentation damage caused by the sun.

Protect your skin from sun damage

Talking of rays, the sun can be incredibly damaging so it is essential you protect your skin every day of the year, not just on holiday.

According to the British Skin Foundation 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year not to mention the added threat of premature skin ageing and wrinkles.

Staying safe in the sun

Stay safe in the sun:

  • Always use a high factor, broad-spectrum sun screen
  • Avoid the sun between the hours of 11-3pm (when the sun is at its hottest and strongest).
  • Wear protective clothing including a t-shirt, wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • Replace old bottles of sunscreen each year to ensure your product is fresh and still works (sunscreen does have an expiry date).
  • Check skin regularly for any changes in moles or skin pigmentation. If in doubt consult a doctor.

Remember the sun's harmful UV rays can be dangerous even on cloudy, overcast days. For this reason we also recommend wearing facial sun protection all year round.

We are proud ambassadors for the Environ Professional Sun Care Range. The scientifically proven products contain filters and reflectors which provide exceptional broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Plus the range is full of powerful anti-oxidants which fight environmental aggressors.

Environ products are only available through specially trained skin care professionals, so why not have a chat with one of our specialised therapists the next time you're in the salon?

Guys don't get left behind on holiday

Guys, it's not all about the girls. If you fancy getting yourself in top shape in time for your summer holiday, pay us a visit. We cater for both men and women and understand the modern man wants to look well groomed, even when on the beach.

Waxing and pedicures are our most popular male treatments. If you want to be hair-free with smooth soles and neat nails to match, give us a call and book an appointment on 01582 280078.

About Rebecca Jade

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