Help - My New Years Resolution Only Lasted a Few Weeks!

So Christmas came and went, along with the leftover chocolate and mince pies, and in came our New Year’s Resolutions. We made lists, we bought new diaries, we changed our phone backgrounds to the latest fitness inspo we found on Instagram – all whilst going to the gym a few times a week and swapping from chocolate for breakfast to the healthy meals that we were 100% sure were going to stick for the next 11 months until Christmas 2020..

But, now it’s a couple of months later and to our surprise, we’ve had a few takeaways, ditched the gym for brunch with the girls and decided we’d much rather watch Netflix on a Friday night than work on that new business plan. Well, we’re here to tell you you’re not alone, this is normal (and completely okay), and you should not be feeling down about not reaching those January goals just yet!

Of course, the New Year is a great time to set new targets that motivate you to smash the year ahead and better yourself. However, it’s common to set goals which aren’t maintainable, or are so restrictive that every time you step outside of them even just a tad, you feel a sense of guilt or failure.

Firstly, we recommend setting targets and goals that you know are attainable within a shorter time frame. Long term resolutions are a marathon not a sprint, so why not set visible targets that you can reach easily, to make you feel good about reaching a milestone. Also the most important part- don’t forget to celebrate hitting them!

Secondly, it’s okay if you don’t stick to the plan 100% of the time. Life gets in the way, or sometimes you just change your mind – we just think the most important thing of all is being happy.

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In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

We know you’ve probably seen this quote a lot on social media at the moment in light of the tragic passing of Caroline Flack that has shocked the nation. We didn’t want to pass on this, as mental health and wellbeing couldn’t be more prevalent within the current generation due to the rise of social media and unfortunately, online trolling.

With that in mind, we’re making a pact to do our bit to resist any negative gossip or talk, by removing any gossip magazines from our clinic waiting room and instead, replacing them with fashion magazines, colouring books or notepads to jot down your Waitrose shopping list!

Find a Friend In Your Therapist

As we’re focusing on the importance of speaking about your feelings and talking to people if you feel down, we absolutely love the fact that our clients feel so comfortable with our therapists. But, just if you need a little reminder, we want you to know you can find a friend in us and we’re here to talk! Rebecca Jade is the perfect place for you to come to take time for yourselves and as therapists, we will do our best to ensure you leave feeling happy, positive and ready to have a great day ahead!

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Wellbeing Treatments We Recommend…

With the above in mind, we’ve listed our top treatments that we recommend to help you relax this February. Give yourself an hour or two with…

  • Our Stress Therapy Massage: 45 minutes of forgetting the world outside and getting rid of any mental and physical aches or pains!

  • Lashes with Louiza! Do you ever feel more glam or put together than when you’ve got your lashes done? It’s currently 30% off bookings, so get in there whilst you can! Make sure you also check out our Instagram for the beautiful before & afters.

  • Byonik Skin Rejuvenation – whilst we’re battling the elements in this cold, stormy February, the Byonik system uses laser light pulses to fill your skin with hydration and elasticity, giving you the younger- looking skin you desire!

If you fancy any of the treatments above or want to know more about our beauty, skin and aesthetic treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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