It's more than just a facial. It's a workout.

From New York to London to Harpenden High Street!

Inspired by Face Gym, Rebecca Jade founded Skin Bar, a local, affordable, effective alternative to Face Gym.

After months of searching for the best products, devices and therapists, the eagerly anticipated Skin Bar was finally opened in our Aesthetic Clinic on Harpenden High Street in January 2019. If you are not ready for advanced, laser or chemical based treatments then why not try a Skin Bar facial, bridging the gap between spa facials and aesthetics treatments.

Which Facial is best for you?

We tailor each of our facials to suit your skin's needs and concerns. With extensive scientific development behind each product and device that we use, our facials are guaranteed to make a difference. We combine our high-tech muscle stimulation and manipulation devices and techniques to sculpt, tighten and tone.

Suffering from blocked pores or don't feel like just a cleanser and toner is doing enough for you? Why not try out our Aqua Glow Facial. Hydro-dermabrasion is a non-invasive technique for deep skin cleaning. It is able to deeply detoxify the skin and remove much of the daily build-up of pollutants by dispersing water at a velocity of up to 200m/second. A blast of Detox Water can be combined with a Medical Grade Vitamin Infusion to suit your skins needs, leaving it visibly more nourished, super-hydrated and rejuvenated. Think you need to reverse the signs of aging? CooLifting! It is the most spectacular and fast, face lifting treatment to defy the passing time: 5 minutes to remove 10 years. It is a revolutionary system that shoots upon the facial tissues a strong CO2 flow, combining an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and low temperature. While also reversing the signs of aging, CooLifting will also give your skin a miraculous boost of hydration.

Our main focus of the Skin Bar is for people to easily be able to pop in whether it be on their lunch break or during a hectic schedule and unwind briefly while toning their facial muscles and improving their skin.

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Client Reviews for our Skin Bar:

SO GOOD! My face feels amazing.

The difference between before and after is incredible. I can't believe that I have never had a Skin Bar Facial before. I will definitely be coming more regularly to keep up the results!

The CooLifting gun works miracles. I feel so much more dewy and healthy after my treatments. I purchased a course of treatments and now I have something to look forward to every week!

I never thought that I would be able to have a facial on my lunch break but thanks to The Skin Bar I am able to come away from my office for a short amount of time and relax. My clients always comment on how amazing my skin looks after I have had a facial.

I cannot recommend Skin Bar treatments enough. My favourite is the Platinum Facial. I also add the Vitamin Infusion on as I really think that makes an incredible difference.

I have been dealing with congested skin for a few years now and I have really struggled. I have tried so many facials from micro-dermabrasion to strong chemical peels and nothing has worked like the Aqua Glow Facial with Steam and Extraction added on.

I love the concept of this. It is so convenient and easy. It means that I no longer have to travel into London for facials as it is right on my door step.

About Rebecca Jade

Founded in June 2015 by Rebecca Cousins, Rebecca Jade Beauty & Aesthetics has a clear philosophy when it comes to beauty. Our vision is simple - provide luxury treatments that deliver results and exceed others on the market, and personalise the experience around our clients, so that everyone receives a professional and bespoke service.