Laser Hair Removal This Winter

Why you NEED Laser Hair Removal this winter…

So, it’s a few months from Christmas, the leggings and winter knits are a firm staple in our wardrobes and our legs are staying covered up, pale and to be honest, hairy AF. I mean who actually shaves their legs when they’re wearing leggings and jeans 24/7? If you do, you have your life together and it’s too much. You’re too organised for our liking – can you not?

Anyway, we’ve been brainstorming ways we can be as low-maintenance but as glam and put-together as possible. And what’s the easiest way to remain hair-free, with smooth, silky skin? We think the only answer here is Laser Hair removal – it may just be the best thing you’ve ever invested in.

Let’s talk a little bit about why our Laser Hair Removal system is the most effective for your skin and its advantages over other laser systems in the industry.

What makes our system different?

Our system is the Soprano Ice Titanium – one of the best out there for a few reasons. The proof’s in the pudding – our system has an ‘ice’ cold feature that allows the skin to be numbed/cooled before treatment, meaning pain or discomfort is little to none.


Not only that, but our system’s ability to laser all skin tones and skin types makes it one of the best to work with.

We often hear of the struggles of hair removal if you have a darker skin tone, due to the fact that the laser struggles to differentiate between the hair and the skin if it’s of darker pigment. However, our system combats this issue!

Although we can agree that laser hair removal works best on lighter skin with darker hair, and it may not work on white or red hair, we can happily say that our system can result in permanent hair removal on all skin tones. If we’ve not been clear, it means that even if you’ve been sun-kissed from your tropical holiYAY’s or you’re just an avid Bondi-Sands user (guilty), we can still treat you!

Why have laser in winter

Anytime of the year is a great time for laser. Why not make the choice to get rid of your annoying, fuzzy stubble for good? However, it’s important to know that your skin can be slightly sensitive post- laser treatment, therefore during the winter months when we’re not exposing our skin to so much sun or UV rays, this is a great time for treatment so your skin can recover quickly and safely in-doors or hidden by multiple layers and fluffy socks.


How effective is it?

Laser is an incredibly effective treatment and usually involves a course of sessions in order to be hair-free for good. External factors or circumstances such as pregnancy can encourage hair re-growth due to the change in hormones, but usually once the hair follicle has been diminished, it rarely grows back. If it does, it tends to be extremely fair, pale hair, which you can combat by partaking in one-off laser sessions to keep your hair re-growth at a minimum.

What other hair removal treatments do we offer?

If laser isn’t your thing, or you’re not quite ready to invest, then we do have other hair removal option. Hot Wax is the next most effective hair removal method, as it’s quick, reliable and can last up to 4 weeks before you need a maintenance appointment!

We use Lycon Hot Wax to offer the most pain-free waxing possible. Lycon wax is the most popular wax within the industry - its smooth, hot, silky ingredients allow it to transfer sensitively to the skin and offers treatment with minimal discomfort. It allows hairs as short as 1mm to be removed quickly and efficiently and is sensitive on intimate areas. So with that being said, we didn’t think it was possible to enjoy a waxing treatment, but here we are…

You can book your waxing appointment from as little as £10 for facial treatments and from £18 for more intimate areas. We also offer Lycon Warm Wax for areas such as your arms and legs which is a quick, easy hair-removal method.

Interested in Laser Hair Removal? We offer single sessions from £70, so why not try it now and see the results for yourself! Book a consultation on 01582 280078.

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