Mother’s Day is fast approaching

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and therefore the amount of time we have to organise something special for the main ladies in our life is ticking away! As our busy lifestyles get in the way, it’s easy to go some time without reminding our mums how special they are, and why we love them so much – one of the reasons Mother’s Day is such an important day, so we can give them the love they deserve.

As we get older and our attention turns to work, partners, children and everything else life throws at us, we can often find that keeping our mums up to date with our lives becomes slightly more difficult. Sometimes we can find it’s been a while since we even caught up with our mums! So, here’s a few easy ways to keep in contact and how to remind them, how special they are.

Mum contact 101

Teach them how to Social!

Now not all mums are ahead of the social media game. However, once they’ve got the hang of it, platforms such as Instagram or Facebook can be a quick and easy way for your mum to stay up to date with what you’re doing. We love that they can actually physically see the special moments in your life as well as hear about them- they love to see photos, don’t they! Teach your mum Instagram and share your special moments with her.

Siri, call ‘mum’…

There can be lots of reasons why we sometimes put calling our mums to the bottom of the list. We know that they will always be there, they won’t be offended if they don’t hear from us for a while and they always understand the manic week that may have led to little contact. However, try and put your mum first and instead of calling your friends, scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix, call your mum and let her know you’re thinking of her.

Love = fresh flowers

We all know the importance of fresh flowers - even a small bunch can brighten up a room. Just giving someone a bunch of flowers out of the blue can make such a positive impact on their day. Why not have some flowers delivered randomly to your mum and let her know you’re thinking of her? Or, even better, pop by with a bunch for a cup of tea and make her happy with a surprise catch up.

Our favourite mum & child combos

Forget Meghan & Harry, Beyoncé & Jay Z or Bieber & Hayley – we’re talking about a new kind of power couple. There is nothing cuter than seeing a loving relationship between a mum and their daughter/son. So, with that in mind, we’ve given you a few of our favourite mother & child combos…

Michelle, Malia & Sasha Obama

Obama family

If you’ve read Michelle Obamas book, then you will know already how proud and protective she is over her daughters. If you haven’t read the book, then that’s the next thing on your list (after calling mum). Michelle is an incredible advocate for women’s rights and what an amazing role model she is for her daughters.

Prince Harry & Diana

Harry and Diana

There is absolutely no way we were going to write about our favourite mother/son couples and not include the country’s favourites. Despite Diana’s passing all those years ago, the love Harry has for his mum is still so prevalent, and the nation sees so much of her in him. From his determination to be different, to not play by the rules and to stand up for his beliefs, wherever he may end up!

Katie & Diane Piper

Piper family

We know Katie Piper through very unpleasant circumstances, as she suffered a horrific, brutal acid attack that became a public affair. Now, Katie is an incredibly inspiring women who does her utmost to help others in need, and along the way she has shared how incredibly supportive Diane, her mother was, during her recovery as well as the strength of their bond. After seeing Katie suffer something so awful, Diane dedicated all her time to helping Katie rebuild her life and her confidence. Given how difficult it must have been to see her daughter go through something like that, the strength these two women have between them is formidable and it’s a mother-daughter bond we are in awe of!

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