How to make this Lockdown more positive than the last…

How to make this Lockdown more positive than the last…

We’re one week into another Lockdown (can you believe we’re saying that) and with hopefully just another 3 weeks to go, we want to give you our tips on how to make this Lockdown more positive than the last.

I think we can all admit that whilst the first month or so of the summer Lockdown began with banana bread making, lots of home workouts and about 5000 daily walks, it was pretty short-lived when the home isolation lasted longer and longer. So, with that in mind, we’re getting straight into it and starting you off with the refreshing notion that this Lockdown doesn’t need to include any of that if you don’t want it to.

Let’s get rid of the pressure we put on ourselves to compete with everyone on Instagram who seems to be on fast-forward productivity mode during Lockdown. It only takes a 5-minute scroll to come across 7 videos of people working out or eating a salad to make you feel rubbish about the fact you just about made it out of bed to your jam on toast, or didn’t lose the plot whilst feeding the family for dinner.

Whilst Lockdown and Isolation is becoming a little more normal to us, it doesn’t mean that it’s a normal way of life, so we need to forgive ourselves for feeling out of sorts and not sticking to our usual routines. This takes us to our first tip;

1. Make a new, easy-to-stick-to routine

Not many of us are commuting into work now or able to hit the gym first thing for our usual morning wake up. So, it’s time to make a new routine that not only provides you with positive thoughts from first thing but is easy enough to stick to for the next few weeks.

Commit to a few small steps, like making your bed every morning, going for a 15-minute walk or listening to a 5-minute positive manifestation mediation. Just sticking to a 3-4 things each day will provide your morning with some structure and leave you feeling more organised to start the day on a positive note.


2. Stay Active

You might be one of those new Lockdown runners who has taken to the pavements during these isolating times, which is a great way to clear your mind and get some exercise in. But, it’s completely normal if actually, you’re a bit fed up of living, eating, sleeping and working out in the same four walls.

Don’t feel pressured to work out every day but do make sure you’re staying active by going for country walks, or participating in an activity that is a bit different to what you’re used to. We’re lucky we’ve got so much beautiful countryside in the Hertfordshire area and we can still walk with a friend, so research some new routes and hit the fields – it’s so important for your mind and body!


3. Home Facials & Face Masks

We always stress the importance of self-care, especially during this time where mental health is incredibly prevalent. Try out a new face mask during your home-skincare routine. We’ve got a few favourites, such as our Image Firming Transformation Mask, designed to resist the stress that contributes to the visible signs of ageing. It balances the skin, hydrates it with hyaluronic acid and removes all dullness so your skin is left bright and smooth!

If you’re more of a quick-fix type of girl, they also do amazing hydrating sheet masks that brighten your skin from the first application, through its botanical minerals.


You can find more of our favourite masks through one of our latest Instagram posts, here. We cover some of the industry best brands along with their most popular masks, like the Environ Clay Mask that targets blemishes, acne prone or inflamed skin, whilst hydrating it at the same time.

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4. Don't Stress About Productivity

We may be having to work from home, but this new lifestyle can make getting a solid days’ work done a little more difficult. However, being that it’s our second time round, we’re getting much better at it!

Take regular breaks from working to clear your mind and ignite your creativity - sometimes a long walk or 30 minutes of relaxation can encourage ideas to pop up, rather than staring at your screen for hours on end. The most important thing to remember is to not stress about your productivity – we’re going through a testing time with a lot of distractions which can be overwhelming. Take each day as it comes and make sure you give yourself time to unwind.

In spite of all the above, it’s important to remember to stay positive and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel! Ours is that we can open our doors (fingers crossed) to you all at the beginning of December for your Christmas appointments!

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