Combatting Stressed Skin in Lockdown 3

Combatting Stressed Skin in Lockdown 3

We can’t quite believe we’re writing this, (well, we can) but we’re entering Lockdown Numero Tres as we speak. If January Blues weren’t depressing enough, we’re now stuck within our own four walls once again with no way of an exit unless it’s to go for that run you really don’t want to go on. At least there’s a perk to only being allowed out once a day?

Anyway, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the facts, figures and tips on how we can combat stress, because let’s be honest, it is really difficult to avoid the stresses of this pandemic that’s looming over us all. Being stressed out is good for no one, let alone your skin, mind and body. However, don’t panic – you’ll be happy to know that we can make small, easy changes that will help to combat the problems you’re facing with all of the above.

When our cortisol levels are rising, and it’s no surprise they are, our bodies can showcase the consequences through breakouts in our skin. Our faces can look dull, dry, tired or even inflamed. Combine this with the freezing cold weather and the consistent back and forth into central heating, our skin can be super stressed out with a desperate need for help and hydration.

How does our skin show that it’s stressed? Well, it can appear…


When your skin is dull, this can be a game-changing sign that it’s stressed and needs some TLC. You might just think you need some more sleep and a quick trip to Dubai (don’t do it, people!) but actually, dullness means your skin is stressed AF.

Dull skin looks slightly darker in appearance (often around the under-eyes), more matte than glowy and the texture is drier, rather than plump and hydrated.

When your skin is dull, it means that it’s lacking in hydration and moisture, yet is also behind with its natural exfoliation process. Your skin’s top layer needs shedding to reveal tighter, brighter and younger skin. Here’s how to stay on top of this;

  1. Rather than a physical exfoliant, use glycolic acid, a hero ingredient for boosting your skin’s exfoliation process.
  2. Either use a glycolic acid toner after cleansing, or begin the procedure from the get-go with Image Skincare’s Total Facial Glycolic Cleanser. This will help to shed any dead, old skin from the epidermis, revealing rejuvenated, brighter skin cells.

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Irritated or inflamed

One of the most obvious signs that your skin (and you) are stressed is when it becomes irritated, red, inflamed or sensitive to touch. When your skin is red in colour and warm/burning to touch, it means that it is angry and in need of nourishment as well as a more sensitive skin care routine, which may mean using less potent ingredients. Redness or sensitivity in this way typically appears around the cheeks and nose, however, can also spread to the chin.

Although it may just be a result of elemental and environmental factors, our busy, overwhelmed minds can lead to this skin concern that can be hard to combat, especially when it’s dry as well as red or sensitive.

1.Avoid washing your face with hot water to avoid overheating your skin.

  1. Use rosewater to offer a more calming solution to harsh, hard water that we often find in this part of the UK.
  2. Reduce the steps in your skin care routine and limit the amount of products or ingredients used.
  3. Hydrate your skin with a chamomile mask like this Biberry and Chamomile Peel Off Mask by Natural Spa Factory.

Acne-prone and blemished

One of the most common skin concerns there is – acne. It is something that is experienced by nearly all of us at some stage of our lives. We can remember wanting to hide away during our teens when we’d wake up the day before a school party with a gigantic spot, sure that everyone will is starting it at, but we hate to say it - adult acne can feel even more humiliating.

Acne can be caused by hormonal changes as we go through puberty or due to imbalances as we grow older, but it can also be caused due to a rise in cortisol levels – this skin concern is one of the biggest signs of stress. When we’re stressed, our hormone levels are imbalanced and spots, oily skin and cystic bumps or lumps can be a result.

  1. Ensure your skin is free from any excess oil, dirt or product build up by regularly cleansing and exfoliating.
  2. Undergo consistent facials that target extraction or that use purifying products and ingredients such as charcoal.
  3. Treat your skin to regular masks that include anti-oxidant and purifying ingredients, such as Image Skincare’s Purifying Probiotic I Masque. This product includes green clay and charcoal for detoxifying your skin from any impurities.

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Now we’ve chatted about the signs of stressed skin, but how can we do our best to combat the stresses we feel within that lead to these frustrating skin concerns?

Research shows that our mind, body and skin are all inter-linked. When we have an imbalance in our body, such as within the gut, it can be showcased through our skin.

It’s also common to experience issues with our bodies, such as IBS or stomach cramps, when anxieties are rife. Do you get that feeling when you know something’s not right, you say ‘you felt it in your gut’? Well, our body – mind connection is so powerful, and one imbalance can cause serious issues elsewhere.

Here are some ways we can ensure we’re keeping our mind and body as healthy as possible.

Probiotics & Nutrition

We all know that when we go through a stage of eating poorly or having copious amounts of sugar (i.e. this Christmas, I’m still recovering…) that our skin can react with spots or blemishes. Making sure we’re including a variety of foods in our diet that are full of micronutrients is essential for glowing, healthy skin. This will also provide our bodies with more energy, making us feel and look great.

Compliment a healthy diet with added vitamins and minerals to ensure your skin and mind are as healthy as possible. Supplementing with added vitamins such as ones from the Advanced Nutrition Programme can allow your skin to build its barrier against external factors and allows for a competitive regeneration process, encouraging consistent replenishment of young, fresh skin.

Keeping a Clear Mind

Whilst it can seem impossible to keep a clear, healthy mind during these challenging times, ensuring that you’re consistently working on your mental health is more important than ever right now.

Whether it’s meditation, FaceTiming a friend, taking multiple time outs for a walk in the fresh air or just shutting the world out whilst you take a bath for a while – do whatever you need. It’s more important than ever to be kind to our-selves whilst everything is so uncertain.


Exercising can be an incredible way to relieve stresses and increase the level of endorphins in your body. Take a long walk, enter a 28-day yoga challenge or pick a fitness goal to boost your happy, confidence-inducing endorphins!

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