Vein Away eliminates thread veins and skin lesions

Are you suffering from unsightly thread or spider veins, or other skin imperfections such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas?

These visible skin conditions can now be easily and painlessly removed with our non-invasive proven Vein Away treatment.
Developed with help from leading vascular surgeon and thread vein specialist Dr Brian Newman, a world leader in the field for over 35 years, Vein Away technology is a non-surgical, safe, virtually painless procedure with permanent results. It’s quick, has no material downtime and is very popular with our clients.

Our advanced skin care therapist Sam looks at benefits of this innovative skincare treatment.

Vein Away technology

Vein Away safely harnesses radio frequency energy to send pulses directly to the affected area, removing the appearance of unwanted veins and skin lesions. The treatments are easy and pain-free.

Sam confirms “Vein Away offers a permanent, non-surgical solution for unsightly skin imperfections all over the body, including sensitive areas such as the face, ankles and knees.”

She continues, “There is no downtime with Vein Away treatments; however, your skin may be a little red and sensitive and must be kept out of direct sunlight for the first few days following treatment. I recommend using a broad spectrum sunscreen such as Environ RAD SPF 15 which we stock in salon. Aloe Vera gel may also help.”

Vein Away brand ambassador Dr Brian Newman says, "I have worked over 20 years developing treatments for spider veins. Vein Away system adds a new perspective in virtually painless, minimally invasive therapy for small blood vessels and skin blemishes. I can add my support to the many practitioners who are getting excellent results with the new Vein Away patented technology.”

Painlessly eliminate thread and spider veins

‘Thread’ and ‘spider’ veins are tiny blood vessels which form fine red/purple wiggly lines underneath the skin’s surface. These visible veins can be found in both men and women all over the body but are most common on the face and legs.
Micro-sclerotherapy and laser devices have been traditionally used to treat the condition, however these methods can prove painful, are ineffective at targeting finer veins and can potentially cause scarring.

Sam explains “Vein Away treatments painlessly utilise an ultra fine filament to ensure accurate application so the surrounding skin and tissue is protected. Only the targeted area is diminished and even the finest veins can be eliminated. The results are visible straight away, so my clients know for sure it’s worked.”

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For long-lasting results several sessions may be required depending on your individual circumstance. Vein Away treatments are most effective on the facial area; some thread veins on the body may not be treatable.

Skin tag, milia and cherry angioma removal

Many people suffer with:

  • skin tags (small flesh coloured growths)
  • milia (small white cysts/bumps underneath the skin)
  • cherry angiomas (small red moles).

Whilst these skin lesions are mostly harmless, they can be unsightly and many clients prefer to remove them.

Vein Away treats skin lesions in a matter of minutes providing precise, effective and permanent results. Following treatment the lesions drop off naturally, usually within 2 weeks.

“Skin lesions are such small imperfections but they can really affect someone’s confidence,” explains Sam. “My clients find it really reassuring that Vein Away provides such a reliable, quick and fuss-free procedure”

Vein Away safely and permanently removes skin lesions

If you’re seeking permanent thread vein or skin lesion removal, Vein Away offers a real and safe solution without the need for surgery. The advanced technology ensures treatments are quick, easy and virtually painless.

Before and after photos

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