Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup

All your eyebrow problems can be resolved with this detailed, tailored, semi-permanent treatment. Our Microblading and Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments really have no limitations, it's suitable for everyone. Whether you just want the convenience of semi-permanent makeup to save precious snoozing time in the morning, or you have hair loss, sparse brows, thinning hair or you have over plucked! Ditch those eyebrow pencils for good and wake up with perfect brows EVERYDAY!

Ultra-realistic looking hair strokes for highly defined, perfectly shaped brows! Microblading implants pigment into the upper epidermis layers of the skin to create natural, delicate, crisp and fine hair strokes with the KB Pro Hand Tool. This treatment is totally tailored to your needs and created for your desired brow.

  • First Appointment

    £325 - £375

    These initial prices include first appointment and first top-up 4-8 weeks later.

    Eyebrows £375
    Lips £375
    Eyeliner £325
  • Future Top-ups

    £115 - £375

    Please note that prices may vary slightly depending on how the area has faded.

    Most people fall into the 9-15 months top-up period.

    6 - 9 Months £115
    9 - 15 Months £190
    15 -18 Months £300
    After 18 Months £375

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