Laser Hair Removal is performed in Harpenden by Rebecca Jade Beauty and Aesthetics and it is the modern, safe and effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The procedure involves directing a special, concentrated beam of light onto the skin. Most people can feel a faint sensation but do not find it uncomfortable. Some areas are more sensitive than others and lower settings can be used if this occurs. Laser Hair Removal is more effective on darker coloured hairs. White and very blonde hair will not respond and reddish coloured hair does not always respond. If you are in any doubt about your own suitability for treatment, we recommend a consultation first to discuss matters with one of our trained specialists. It is also important to have a "patch test" before any course of treatment. This is to test how your particular skin will react to the laser treatment.

How effective is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal usually involves a course of treatments. Depending on such factors as the colour of the hair and length of treatment course, it might result in permanent, complete hair removal, or there can be partial re-growth after a number of months. This re-growth will often consist of a few, very fine and pale-coloured hairs only. These might require a single additional session, or a short course of treatments. However, many people consider any re-growth to be insignificant, with a few fine, pale hairs being very difficult to detect at all.

Laser Hair Removal is particularly effective at removing in-growing hairs, which can be a problem if waxing is used for hair removal. In fact it is generally far more effective and much less uncomfortable than waxing in any case.

At Rebecca Jade Beauty and Aesthetics we use the Magma Platform for Laser Hair Removal; the fast, effective and painless Multi Laser device for permanent hair removal. (The advantages of the Magma Platform are further explained below.)


  • Small Areas


    Chin | Upper Lip | Sideburns | Jaw Line | Ears etc.

    Single Session £60
    Course of 8 Sessions
    Saving you £48
  • Medium Areas


    Under Arms | Bikini | Neck | Tummy Line | Nipples | Back of Neck | Feet & Toes | Hands

    Single Session £70
    Course of 8 Sessions
    Saving you £56
  • Medium to Large Areas


    Brazilian | Upper Shoulders | Upper Arm | Upper Chest | Upper Back | Buttock

    Single Session £100
    Course of 8 Sessions
    Saving you £80
  • Large Areas


    Half Leg | Chest & Abdomen | Full Back | Full Arm | Hollywood inc. perianal

    Single Session £130
    Course of 8 Sessions
    Saving you £104
  • Very Large Areas


    Single Session £185
    Course of 8 Sessions
    Saving you £148
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation


    Single Session £100
    Course of 6 Sessions
    Saving you £100

The absolute advantage of the MAGMA Platform is not only in the combination of these 3 technologies, but each distinct technology includes significant advantages when compared to competitors.

The 808nm Diode Laser: Included in the ALD and LLD Applicators, it is one of the fastest and least painful hair removal systems and the ideal choice for high-volume Hair Removal, offering quick, effective and painless therapies with a maximum coverage area of up to 18 cm² per second.

The 1064nm Nd:YAG: Long lifetime, averaging at 6 times the amount of pulses relative to a traditional Nd:Yag applicator. Forma-tk's Nd:YAG Applicator is designed with three exchangeable tips, an advanced cooling system and a diode pointer for optimal accuracy and significantly less discomfort.

The IPL Applicators: Introducing the highest pulse density in the world (22J/cm² in 5ms), Forma-tk’s IPL Applicators provides a wide selection of treatment outcomes and a new paradigm for treatment effectiveness, diminished discomfort and outstanding results. The applicators also enable practitioners to custom tailor their ‘Applicator Menu’ based on the most common treatments performed in their practice.

Why not book a consultation (£20 fee refundable on your first treatment at Rebecca Jade Aesthetic Clinic)? Our Laser Hair Removal specialists will chat through your options, patch test you and start you on your journey to being free from unwanted hair! Call 01582 280078 to book.

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